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Mana means a person, place or thing imbued with spiritual power. In times when store shelves are overflowing with products that have been mass-produced and imported from across the world, Mana Pottery continues to handcraft pottery, charged with the spirit of a loving devotion to a mindful life within the sacred Aravaipa Wilderness.

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March 2018
The Trinity and the Always by Immanuel Trujillo
Before passing out of this material realm Rev Immanuel Trujillo spent a great deal of time writing beautiful words of wisdom. We are pleased to offer one of his essential and existential teachings in a 24 page 6X9 booklet with a color cover picturing one of Immanuel's last paintings. The Trinity and the Always gives insight into coexisting in the realm of the spirit while still in the material world. We hope to offer more of his insights and revelations in the near future.

Immanuel "Mana" Trujillo Passes
Mana, the heart of Mana Pottery and the co-founder of The Peyote Way Church, left us on June 24, 2010. He is survived by sons Billie, Veran and Will, daughters Bonney Lou, Tamara and Faith, many grandchildren and numerous members and visitors to the Peyote Way Church of God,
who loved him.
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